Features :

Highly Qualified Quantity
Simple in Handling to Load & Unload
Low Temperature take Place
Advanced Technologies
Moistures Pulled Out by Vacuum Pellets
Energy Saving with 70 – 80% Fast Drying
Speed & Power Adjustable

Technical Specifications :

Size of Vacuum Chamber 3000 length X 3000 width X 3000mm height
Vacuum Level Max 0.1 torr
Vacuum Leakage Limit Dry Vacuum Chamber shall not be more than
5torr over a period of 24 hrs from evacuation level 0.1 torr
Vacuum Chamber temperature maximum 105°C ± 5°C
Total weight for copper core steel & oil etc 12 metric tons
Vacuum chamber shall be floor mounted with front door.
Capacity of the chilling plant 5TR
Heating Capacity 99KW

Product Applications :

Transformer Manufactures
Drying of Casting, etc...